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Testing Service
   delete LEB-100721
Delivered Volume for Syringe
Analysis of Syringe for Delivered Volume for Syringe by ISO 11608
Sample Quantity :
Turnaround Time: Fastest 10 (Business Days)
   delete LEB-200039
Absorbance per USP
Analysis of elastomer/rubber stopper/Rubber bulb per USP
Sample Quantity : 200 closures
Turnaround Time: Fastest 10 (Business Days)
   delete LEB-101062
ID by IR
Identification test of plastic material by USP<661.1> IR
Sample Quantity : 3 units
Turnaround Time: Fastest 10 (Business Days)

*Sample Type

High Potency Material
Controlled Substance


*Turnaround Time

Drug Product
Syringe/Sharp containers
Other containers
Standard < 200g < 50Units < 50Units < 1000
Intermediate 200-1000g 50-200 Units 50-250 Units 100-300
Bulk > 1kg >200 Units >250 Units >300

*Sample Amount